Flyer Shield™
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4 inch awning above the flyer box top
¾ inch overlap on either side of the flyer box
Sturdy clear plastic
Fits between flyer box & sign
Simple to install
Fits most flyer boxes
Easily adapted to others
Standard FlyerShield for $13.75
Custom Adhesive Logo $1.00 ea
Bulk order discounts!

1: Standard FlyerShield - $13.75
2: Custom Adhesive Agent Logo - $1.00 each

Please Note:Flyer Box not included!
Quantity Standard FlyerShield - $13.75 - This FlyerShield has “” silk screened across the awning portion of the FlyerShield.
Quantity Custom Adhesive Agent Logo - $1.00 each - Custom Adhesive Logo – This is a 1.75” x 10” adhesive logo you create. Just email your custom logo (black and white or color) and we will print them for you with waterproof ink. It is made to adhere just below the awning on the FlyerShield (see sample logos below).

Email us your custom logo. We'll make an adhesive 1.75" x 8.5" waterproof sticker to place on your FlyerShield. Here are a couple small samples of Custom Adhesive Logos.

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